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Custom Painted Boho Fedora Hat

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This style of wide-brim hat is fashionable & on trend, yet timeless & classic as well. Let’s spice it up to express your personal style! It’s also a perfect unique gift for a friend or family member. Every hat is one of a kind and done with love & attention to detail. If you’re the spontaneous & adventurous type, maybe you just want the artist (me!!) to come up with a surprise design. Or if you’re more the type that knows exactly what they want, these hats can be completely customized!

Different Levels:

- Artist’s Choice - Design is completely randomized & chosen by the artist. It’ll be whatever I’m feeling but the colors and items will be pulled from common elements of nature such as earthy florals, cottage core mushrooms, boho moons, or whimsical little animals.

-A Little Custom - Customer gets to give ideas or suggestions like color palette or 1-2 specific elements they’d like to incorporate, then I choose the rest. A perfect middle of the road option!

-Totally Custom - Customer completely details exactly what they want, within reason! I will do my best to meet requests. If you’re not sure where you fall, message me prior to ordering! Some variation in color or design may occur. These quality hats are made from wool & polyester. One size fits most & the hat is adjustable via a tie in the hat. The artwork is permanent and is “sealed” into the fabric but this item is handmade and should be treated with care.

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our shop is in SLC, UT

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Our shop is in SLC, UT